Timing:  Saturdays, 4:00pm-6:00pm (will commence on 1st Saturday of February 2017)
 Location: 718 E 20th @ Fraser St (BE Centre:  Meditation Room)
 or text/talk 604 328 0704
Cost: By Donation

 What are incompletions?
 They are hangovers from past experiences and emotions that affect your present state resulting in negative emotions such as fear, worry, anger, anxiety etc.  Incompletions are unconscious and stored patterns that affect every decision and action you take in your life.  If your life is blocked in any way, it is an incompletion that is blocking the full energy from flowing through you to manifest and experience what you truly want.

How are incompletions created?
 Self Doubt: is the gap between your inner and outer image and it arises when you face a difficult situation a few times and you fail each time
 Self Hatred: is the gap between your outer image and other's image and it primarily happens as self-loathing due to negative self-image, especially after repeated failings.
Self Denial: is the gap between other's image of you and the image you hold about Life; when you believe that you can never win at something no matter what you do - you deny yourself from even trying.

What is completion?
Completion is to experience the present moment without any influence of past experiences and emotions.  When you are in completion you experience life in a state of bliss. Your inner space is clear of incompletions, you feel light and energetic. You have increased clarity and access to the innate intelligence that resides in you. Even if you work all day, the whole day routine will not tire you. Complete completion allows the cosmic energy and intelligence to flow through you, enabling you to express your highest peak potential.


Date: stay tuned  

Learn the ultimate tools for living a life of greater clarity, health & financial success
~How to eliminate confusion
~How to create great relationships
~How to achieve optimum health & financial success


~Life Bliss Program~

Dates: TBA.... stay tuned

Cost: $125 including meals 

Location: TBA

Experience the Power of word, thought, feeling and living in the context of the seven chakras. Chakras are powerful energy centers in the human body. Proper energy flow through the chakras lead to optimal health and vitality. Join us in exploring and understanding the chakras.

What to expect:
Intellectual understanding of the 7 chakras including what are the 7 chakras, how they are blocked, and how they are opened
Reflective exercises to gain an understanding on how the chakras effect your everyday life
Kriyas to open each of the chakras
Each section is infused with the four Powers- Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching
Workshop lead by Nithyananda odained Acharya/Teacher

For more informations and to register please email us:

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