Friday, April 1, 2011

Come join us for eN Kriya initiation this Saturday April 2nd!

eN effect continues every Saturday
with eN Kriya initiation
via teleconference

eN Kriya 
A unique Kundalini awakening process 
by a living incarnation 
Paramahamsa Nithyananda

 eN-kriya is a 42-minute process 
involving intense pranayama (breathing techniques), 
mudras (yogic hand gestures), asanas (yoga poses) and meditations.
It is an enlightening meditative process aimed at individual transformation
 that leads to increased consciousness at a societal level.

For more information visit Mission's official website:

Where: Polish Veterans Assn, 1134 Kingsway, Vancouver, 2nd Floor 
(btwn Fraser and Knight St on south side of Kingsway St.) 
When: 7pm

Please register at

This Saturday's morning message topic (April 2, at 7pm(PST)): 
Achieving High Performance in every area of life

Are you really living to your maximum potential? Do you even know what your potential is?

Find out:

What stops you from living fully
The habits that hold you back
How you keep on stopping yourself

Nithyananda will reveal the secrets of how our minds and environment reduce of capacity to live fully, causing stress, worry, lethargy, and unhappiness.
What our maximum potential really is
How to free yourself from self imposed restrictions
Techniques to achieve high performance

Nithyananda reveals how  bliss, wealth, intuition, manifestation and health are all expressions of maximum potential

As we see on the NTV screens there is massive Kundalini Awakening happening at the ashram in Bidadi, and on two way around he world. 
Each day I sit in front of up to 26 centers and can watch the shifts on consciousness, in kundalini, and see remarkable happenings. Today for instance Vibhuti appeared in Houston. The other day more people started to experience getting Vibhuti in the palms of their hands. This is possibly most extraordinary transformation, possibly that the world has witnessed in a while.
In Nithyananda, Dheera

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