Sunday, April 1, 2012

Esoteric Teachings: by Swamiji - live - 7days/week

"It will not be like a Satsang.... it will be more like a Course.

1000s of people from over 23 countries across many time zones connected to the live streaming of this evening's Satsang.

March 25 was the auspicious beginning of the evening Satsangs. Swamij talked about the esoteric teachings of Spirituality. The Evening Esoteric Satsang/ Course started with "Agoris". Agoris are one of the most misunderstood and misrepresented Yogi sampradayas, traditions from India. Swamiji spoke proudly about this innocent and simple tradition of ancient sciences. He said Agoris are the pride of India and our vedic tradition. 'Agori' means simple, straightforward. The Agoris use simple straightforward and direct techniques to break their mental patterns to live enlightenment.
They are not dream-sellers. The Mahavakya of Agoris is "Simply Do It!" 

For more of the esoteric teachings of Agoris join the live world wide satsang - one way live streaming on eN-TV

Timing: 6:30am PST (7pm IST)

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