Thursday, June 14, 2012

Global Prayer for Peace

Let's us all pray together to increase the collective positivity and push the collective negative away.

As Swamiji says, each one of us is a part of kaliyuga and only we can collectively shift this world into new consciousness by bringing ourself together in TIME and SPACE.

Bring in as many as possible for this peace explosion. Please bring everyone between 9am and 10am and/or 9pm and 10pm for 21 min daily to visualize and pray for a new earth where peace and compassion is a life style - eN-life.

Thank you all in taking few moments every day for this effort

Sit in any place. 
Close your eyes for 21 min.
Visualize compassion for all beings.
Visualize a new earth filled with peace and compassion
Offer your gratitude to the Master and the cosmos.

Please bring your family and friends for this simple 21min meditation.

Any positive action and prayer done by thousands of people collectively will surely get response from nature.

Let's save the earth. Join the Global prayer march.

In global peace, Nithyananda Kutumbam

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