Sunday, February 23, 2014

Last chance for Level 1 - 4 day program online in Vancouver

Inner Awakening 

Last chance for Level 1 - 4 day program, March 5th-8th 
online in Vancouver or  in Haridwar, India

Also last change for Level 2:

10 day program: March 6th - 15th, 2014 - in Haridwar, India

Level 3:
21 day program: March 6th - 26th, 2014 - only in Haridwar, India

March IA 2014 - Will be held in the sacred city of Haridwar!

Experience Ganga Arati & other sacred happenings at one of the most sacred cities!

Please contact us to register and for more details by phone 604 442 7817, or email at:

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