Saturday, June 21, 2014

eN-Parenting workshop

You are invited to the online interactive eN-Parenting workshop series:

Pedagogy of Parenting 
Presented as a Real-Life, Life Saving Solution
~ conducted by Nithyananda Vidyapeetam, by Ma Rishi Nithya Advaitananda (Ma Advait) 
Mahant of Nithyananda Order

UPCOMING SESSION: June 28, 2014 12:30pm – 3:30pm PST

The upcoming sessions topic: 

RAISING an ENLIGHTENED CHILD – Easy methods to make your teens listen

Topics include:
Proactive techniques 
SDHD = self doubt, self hatred, self denial

Complete Completion

How do I raise an Enlightened Child?
Guaranteed and holistic solutions to every problem
Practical tools & techniques to raise successful children in a stress- free environment
Helping children manifest their ultimate potential
Supporting children to retain their infinite possibilities
Creating conscious leaders of the future

for either 2-way interactive workshop or for viewing 1-way

Benefits from 2-way connection 

*opportunity to share one on one
*opportunity for your issues to be addressed directly

LOCATION: Dunbar Street center
details by phone 604 561 8689, or email at:

DATE & TIME: This workshop runs for 3 hour, 12:30pm - 3:30pm

PRICE: FREE FOR ALL. Donations and contributions are most welcome.

Anyone who interacts with children will want to provide the best support & guidance for them, in every way possible. However – very few understand the space of a child, why they behave the way they do and how to help them live at their best health and manifest their ultimate potential.

Thought patterns and emotions form the building blocks of our character. They affect every aspect of our health, lives and everyone around us. The good news is – it is possible to help children have the right cognition to handle anything that happens in life smoothly and groom them effortlessly to become responsible, compassionate geniuses and leaders of the future.
Creating leaders of the future by supporting children responsibly creates conflict-free relationships, families, neighbourhoods, communities, countries and ultimately an ideal, conscious world!

As an education and support program,  eN-Parenting is designed to provide the necessary knowledge, tools and techniques to raise happy children in a stress free environment. These classes will provide guaranteed and holistic solutions to help children retain the infinite possibilities of their own potential.

Sessions are available on 2-way video conferencing via Nithyananda Satsang centers and Nithyananda Vedic temples around the world. Please contact us to participate in this interactive workshop here in Vancouver.

Parents, care-takers, mentors, teachers, psychologists and anyone who is interested in  raising enlightened children. Gain deeper understanding of your own upbringing, thought patterns that were created in childhood and how these patterns manifest in your life today. Complete with your childhood patterns to be successful in every dimension of your life!
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Upcoming sessions DATES & TOPICS:
July  2014  eN-Parenting 

Please contact us to register and for more details by phone 604 442 7817, or email at:

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