Tuesday, March 8, 2011

eN effect updates!

First time we have opportunity to sit for full  21 days via 2-way video conferencing with Swamiji, for  the Patanjali Sutras discourse series and Samyama process.
Most of al we were given rare opportunity to be part of global peace initiative. Through an extraordinary transfer of high frequency energy called the eN-effect, short for “the enlightening Nithyananda Effect”, is an amazing opportunity to increase the world consciousness and lead humanity to peace, happiness, joy and save the environment of the planet. Please don't miss this opportunity to be part of positive force and experience a breakthrough in consciousness.  
This is our chance to change the planet we all live in to quantum awakening through the eN-effect.   Get involved as soon as possible to change your own coherence with cosmic consciousness, and change the world.
Even though you miss first week, you can still be part of it by coming as much as possible. The eN-effect will be stronger only with group of people. We can lower the number of crime rates, violence, wars and disease in the world by increasing the human consciousness and taking it into higher frequencies. 
Take responsibility by being part of global initiantive towards ultimately rapid transformation  to higher consciousness.
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

6-9pm each night, please arrive 15min early to register

Suggested donations: $10 per night 
or $100 for all 21 days (to cover the cost of hall rentals)

Where: Please note there will be 2 different locations:

Mar 1-3, 7-10, 14-17 (Weekdays)
@ Suite 120 - 2050 Scotia Street, entrance on East 5th Ave, near Main St., Vancouver

Mar 4-6, 11-13, 18-21 (Fri, Sat, Sun, one Monday on 21st) 
@ Polish Veterans Assn, 1134 Kingsway, Vancouver, 2nd Floor 
(btwn Fraser and Knight St on south side of Kingsway St.) 

Please drop an email at lifebliss.vancouver@gmail.com if you would like to register for the 21 day program. If you can only come for certain days, please specify so we can ensure we have enough room to acomodate everybody.

Thank you! 

For more information about this event please visit Nithyananda Mission's Official Website:

Every Saturday Paramahamsa Nithyananda 
continues with 
eN Kriya initiation.

This Saturday after the  puja the topic for eN Effect 
is part 2 of "How to Attract Wealth"
Please don't take for granted  rare opportunity to experience an enlightened avatar, Paramahamsa Nithyananda,  who has the ability to transmit the energy of cosmic consciousness to the people around him and also across vast distances. He speaks of the eN-effect and its repercussions creating a wave of enlightened being who will lead the world into superconsciousness. His words appear to be coming true!

Every Saturday/Sunday at 5 pm Online eN Webinar: The Truth about Inner Awakening 
Participants from last IA 21 day residential program in he Ashram in India with Swamiji will LIVE share their experiences! 
This special eN Webinar will be hosted by a group of recent "graduates" from the December Inner Awakening. They will be sharing their personal and miraculous stories of transformations and life around the Master. 
Don't miss it!

About Inner Awakening

Inner Awakening is not about positive thinking, personal growth or just good health. It is about going beyond your normal happiness and pain, and awakening the unknown hidden potential energy in you that creates and bolts a powerful shift in your consciousness, permanently called the eN Effect!

It takes you on the most joyful and intense journey inside yourself, directly under the compassionate guidance of Living Avatar &  Enlightened Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda. 

New IA Program Highlights:

  • Intiation into Kundalini Awakening leading to visible physical eN Effects such as Levitation
  • Past Life Regression to Relive and Relieve your Past
  • Powerful Healer's Intiation to awaken your inner most bliss channel and bolt the experience permanently
  • Ultimate rare gift of many powerful, blissful Energy Darshans from Nithyananda!

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