Friday, March 18, 2011

Important change in locations 
to 21 Day eN Effect Program:  
Friday March 18 & Monday March 21 will be at East 5th and Main St Location, 
not Polish Veterans Hall.  
Sat. March 19 & Sun. March 20 still at Polish Veterans Hall. 

Monday March 21 is last day of the eN Effect!
Don't miss it! 

This weekend March 19 & 20:
 online Yoga webinar 
2 webinars on Sunday: 
Volunteering webinars & Webinar by Bhaktananda Swami  
on eN TV or eN Webinar
eN Kriya on Saturday
via teleconference
see below

This Saturday March 19th
eN Kriya 
A unique Kundalini awakening process 
by a living incarnation 
Paramahamsa Nithyananda

 eN-kriya is a 42-minute process 
involving intense pranayama (breathing techniques), 
mudras (yogic hand gestures), asanas (yoga poses) and meditations.
It is an enlightening meditative process aimed at individual transformation
 that leads to increased consciousness at a societal level.

For more information visit Mission's official website:

This Saturday's morning message topic: 
"Kundalini and Health."

Swamiji speaks on the deeper truths of Kundalini and health. 

Where: 1134 Kingsway, Polish Veterans Hall.

Please register at

As we see on the NTV screens there is massive Kundalini Awakening happening at the ashram in Bidadi, and on two way around he world. 
Each day I sit in front of up to 26 centers and can watch the shifts on consciousness, in kundalini, and see remarkable happenings. Today for instance Vibhuti appeared in Houston. The other day more people started to experience getting Vibhuti in the palms of their hands. This is possibly most extraordinary transformation, possibly that the world has witnessed in a while.
In Nithyananda, 

* * *

Yoga webinar this weekend on EN TV or
Rejuvenate with Chandra Namaskar!

This session will leave you with:

-Inner Silence & Peace of Mind
-Brimming Creativity
-Pure Bliss!

Chandra Namaskar is translated as salutation to the Moon. 'Chandra' means 'moon' and 'Namaskar' means 'salutation'. The moon is symbolic and representative of the feminine aspect of divinity and energy. This ancient sacred practice will give you a strong experience of the Divine Feminine energy in you, and the opportunity to explore and expand the unique creative  energy of your Being!

Dates & time:
Sat 19th March: 4-5am & 5-6pm (PST)
Sun 20th March: 4-5am & 5-6pm (PST)

If you are interested in this yoga webinar, please email us:

* * *

If you are thinking of volunteering for Swamiji's mission 
or if you would like to learn more about volunteering in general, 
please contact us
to join 
Volunteers Training Webinar 
with Ma Maneesha
this Sunday morning 
from 9-11am
The following will be covered in the program:

* Your actions determine your performance.
* What is it that impacts your actions and thereby your performance?
* How a breakthrough in performance can be achieved.
* How you can be a high performer when working with other people.
* How can you can inspire others to be high performers?
* State of being a high achiever.
* You have the power to alter your reality and create whatever you want.

Webinar by Bhaktananda Swami 
will be given for all Satsang centers--coordinators, volunteers, Satsang attendees, etc.  
When:  11:15 am PST, Sunday, March 20. 

* * *
Coming Up!
Satvic Indian cooking classes 
by Jini
she'll brings samples
tonight Friday March 18th.
Come tonight to enjoy her!
Chai tea & satvic snacks
* * *

Swamiji is now offering 2 way connection to cities with larger gatherings.  
In Vancouver, we will have 2 nights a week with the possibility of 2 way connection. 
Monday nights at the Centre for Reflexology and Saturday nights which will be eN Effect nights (eN Kriya and other processes), locations will be announced.  Please do not miss these 2 opportunities to sit in front of the Master where he will be able to see you.  This is when healing and transformations take place.  If you are interested in taking your spiritual practice to the next level, don't miss the opportunity to sit in upanishad (in the prescense of the Master or living Avatar).  

* * *

Have you registered for the eN Wealth Program yet?  

This is the first time a Enlightened Master will be talking about Wealth and giving you the process and experience of becoming wealthy.  Negotiation tactics and business strategies will be revealed for the first time ever.  If you are not wealthy yet, this program is for you.  If you are wealthy, come to sit in front of the Master live and advance your spiritual practice.

When: April 9 & 10, 2011 from 8am-6pm approx both days, please arrive at 730am for registration.  
We will send you the location once you register.

Cost: $250 
(Most financial wealth courses cost thousands as you know, you are getting the truths straight from an enlightened Master, it can't get any better!)

Lunch and snacks will be provided!  
Tell your friends and family, we can all benefit from financial wealth so we can spend more time in our spirtual practice. 

Spaces are filling up fast, we are going to be looking at a larger venue soon so please register now at
 If you have already registered, please bring your cash payment to one of our satsangs and give to the coordinator so we can finalize your registration.

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