Sunday, June 26, 2011

Come join for 2-way connection satsang every Saturday evening

Come to experience for yourself!
The Way to Perfect Health

Health means the ability to fulfill all the dreams you are carrying in a very casual way without damaging the body.  Each day, your body gets dismantled and reassembled when you pass into deep sleep.  From the subconscious you bring back all the desired qualities and tools create your body and mental setup for that day.  Let us reprogram the subconscious to bring back the most empowering mental and physical setup each day.  eN-Effect creates the awakened kundalini energy necessary to install the highest of intentions from your unconscious to conscious brain.  Take control of your future now!

In Vancouver, we have  one nights a week with the possibility of experiencing eN-Effect with 2-way connection.

Saturday nights at the Pacific Institute of Reflexology, which are also unique eN Kriya nights.  Do not miss this opportunity for to sit in front of the Master where he will be able to see you and when intense healing and transformations take place.  Don't miss the opportunity to sit in upanishad in the presence of the Enlightened Master and Living Avatar Paramahamsa Nithyananda.
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