Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Many new exciting events in our town and in our community!

Nithyanandam dear all, 

we are happy to announce to you all that Life Bliss Vancouver is here with many new exciting events in our town and in our community! 

We want to invite you all to many new activities, yoga and eN Fitness classes, workshops, meditations, special events, talks and other exciting events happening in our town every week.

Please keep your eyes open for the events that would excite you the most. We would love to see you all very much for blissful community happenings for like-minded people. 

Don't let my words stop you from reading further. We would love to announce the following exciting events this week in Vancouver:

TOMORROW - Thursday, June 30 - Reflexology center @ 7 pm 
Yoga and satsang - NEW EVENT!!
Join us for Nithya yoga class ( the acharya is Vibhooti) at 7 pm - 8 pm followed by Puja and daily message by Swamiji (possibly live streaming)

Cost: we are announcing a special season entry fee for yoga ONLY $5.
Donations for the meditation are welcome!

The Power of Satsang

“Wherever my people gather to listen, I will be there talking.
Wherever my people gather to meditate, my presence will be there.
Wherever my people gather to dance in my name, 
I will be there dancing in the center of the circle!”
- Swamiji

*   *   *

Saturday, July 2 - Second beach Stanley park @ 3 pm (weather permitted) 
eN Saturday - FREE EVENT!!
The summer is finally here (we hope) and it is time to hit the beaches and parks. 
Join us for eN-lightened Saturday at 3 pm on the Second beach in Stanley park for:
- Nithya yoga on the beach (if you don't like to bend and twist, you can watch :))
- chanting
- potluck
- games, fun, ocean
- afterwards we will head to the Reflexology centre for eN Kriya

People who need a ride, let me know, we could arrange car pooling to get you to Stanley park. Bring a towel for yoga, your favorite food and drink and a good mood. 

Cost: FREE

*   *   *

Sunday, July 3 @ 10 am - Kitsilano (weather permitted)
Nithya yoga on the Beach 
Sunday outdoor yoga class (Acharya - Vibhooti) was moved to 10 am.

The class will be held on a grass area on the water just west of the Kits Pool. 

Cost: $10

Please confirm your attendance with the acharya in advance at this email: or 

We are looking forward to seeing you at some or all of these events. More exciting events are coming up next week. Stay tuned!

In eternal bliss,

for Life Bliss Vancouver
Ma Nithya Vibhooti

Tel. (604) 628.4479
Cel. (778) 323. 3324

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