Friday, July 15, 2011

First ever in Vancouver: eN Fitness Class led by Rishi Mitra

Come Join us this Friday July 15th 6:30-9pm

Creating enlightened body with eN-FitnessSM Yoga

Revealing brand new insights into the science of kundalini awakening

Energizing and preparing your body for the high energy experience of kundalini awakening, the explosion of Supreme Bliss and fulfillment!

·How to build a strong and flexible yogic body
·Combining traditional yoga & weight lifting
·Exercises for all ages
·Brand new insights in the science of kundalini
·Physical exercise with spiritual depth

eN-FitnessSM is an effective fitness routine designed by enlightened master Paramahamsa Nithyananda, combining yoga and weights!

Yoga practice was developed thousands of years ago in a very different society from the one we live in. Today we eat more processed foods (and pesticides!), live more stressful lives, have different goals and have a harder time quieting our minds.

eN-FitnessSM updates the age-old tradition of Yoga with a more modern approach.  Developed by an enlightened master and Yoga adept with a deep understanding about the reality of our lifestyles today, eN-FitnessSM  is the ultimate physical practice for enlightened living.

Whether you are young or senior, eN-FitnessSM  can rejuvenate your whole body, mind and being and allow you to experience health, higher energy levels, and the deep fulfillment of inner peace and joy.
Where: Prana Yoga College, 293 E. 2nd Ave, btwn Main St. and Scotia St., Vancouver
Cost: Minimum Donation is $10 (summer discounted price from $50), please also note there is a manual you can purchase for an additional $10
Please bring 2lb or 5lb weights/dumbbells with you (2 dumbbells per person of the same weight)
Register at
Thank you!  Happy Summer!
Nithyananda Meditation Academy

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