Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Live Press Meet with Swamiji!

Nithyanandam Everyone,

Thank you very much for being a part of this successful, historic and wonderful press meet! As always the event happened successfully only due to the grace and blessings of Swamiji. The challenges were many. We had 13 huge TV screens displayed in the hall showing all the 46 cities logged in showing your support to Swamiji! We had more than a 100 reporters sitting there amazed at the international audience and support we were getting inspite of the late hours in your own country. Before the end of the conference we had close to a 1000 places logged in through eNTV also. Overall the close to 3 hour press conference was a huge success with the reporters going back after thanking Swamiji for having patiently answered all their questions. 
I would like to specially thank Ma Jnanamaya, Sri Dheera and Ma Jnanatma for calling and organizing everything at such a short notice.

Thank you guys! I am proud to be a part of this wonderful Nithyananda Sangha!

In Nithyananda
Ma Shantananda

Let's do our best to gather a huge sangha together for this event!
All seekers please come and show your support.

Swamiji is considering this an important step to redemption from the atrocities against spiritual people, and this action helps mankind in rebuilding the path to spiritual freedom. So all seekers should come and show their support. Swamiji is expecting all the support from the disciples who have benefited in any way from His teachings, to support in the crusade to save the infrastructure - the Gurus and their ashrams.

Date: Tuesday, July 12th
Time: 11:30pm - 1:30am (late night to correspond with timing in India)
Two Way connection will be available!
The event will be broadcast on eNTV as well but showing your presence to Swamiji on two-way video conferencing is the ultimate support! 

Please note new location for Press meet!

Address for new location (Sheila's Studio):
120-2050 Scotia Street, Vancouver

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