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A whirling meditation - WHIRL YOUR WAY TO BLISS

Nithyanandam all friends of yoga, satya and meditation! 

We have a week full of special events, yoga classes, intro talk, beginner's meditation, kids satsang etc., there are plenty of events to choose from to keep you in the energy of eternal bliss as well as connecting with other like-minded people in your community.

I wanted to give you some more information about a new special event this summer:

A whirling meditation - WHIRL YOUR WAY TO BLISS
this Saturday, July 16, 2011 at 3 pm

The location is Sutcliffe park at Granville island. This park has a beautiful grass area with plenty of room to whirl your way to bliss. Sutcliffe park is located just on the right hand side from the entrance to Granville Island near the small lagoon or Cat's Meow restaurant or kids playground. (if you are not sure type the name of the park into google search for a small map)
The meditation will start at 3 pm and the entry is by donation. 

Whirling meditation is a profound way of experiencing your inner being which by its very nature is pure bliss. 
With special music and in a great atmosphere of this amazing park you have one hour to experience something profound in your inner being and immense yourself into pure joy. As children we used to whirl all the time to experience the inner joy and freedom, this technique has the power to bring us right back into the childhood's innosence, playfulness and joy.

Below is a bit of science about whirling for better understandin. Please forward this invitation to your friends, collegues and familly and let us all come and join at this one and only Whirl your way to bliss event this summer. If you have any furhter questions, call me directly at 778-323-3324 (Ma Vibhooti). Nithyanandam!

Whirling meditation is one of the most ancient techniques originated in Sufism. Sufi master Jalaluddin Rumi has specially used this technique and he became enlightened while doing whirling meditation. It is believed that he did whirling for 36 hours continuously non-stop, before he became awakened. Whirling is a very powerful technique and a single experience can bring a big transformation in us.

According to Osho - a great enlightened Master - we have to do the whirling meditation with open eyes, just like small children go on whirling. Every child loves whirling as it gives a feeling of inner centering or it connects us with our center. According to Osho, we have to do whirling meditation as if our inner being has become a center and our whole body has become a wheel, moving - the way a potter’s wheel is moving. We are in the center, but the whole body is moving. The Whirling technique has 2 stages.

First Stage: 45 minutes
Keep your eyes open and feel the center point of your body. Lift your arms to shoulder height, with the right hand palm up and the left hand low, palm down. Start turning around your own axis. Let your body be soft and relax. Start slowly. In this technique we become a whirlpool of energy – the periphery a storm of movement.
  1. Start the whirling slowly, clockwise. If somebody feels that it is very difficult to move in clockwise direction then try anti-clockwise, but the rule is to move clockwise. Few people who are left-handed they may feel that it is difficult to move clockwise, then they can move in anti-clockwise. In reality 50% of people should be left handed but because of society interference only ten percent of people are left-handed. So if we feel uneasy while doing whirling in clockwise, then move anti-clockwise; but start with clockwise and feel what is right for you. Music played for whirling meditation is to help us in the technique.
  2. We have to start the whirling very slowly, no need to go fast in the first 15 minutes. Just enjoy the slow whirling for the first 15 minutes. Next 15 minutes should be more faster and one can increase the speed of whirling. and the third 15 minutes even more faster, just mad. With our total energy in the whirling we become a become a whirlpool, an energy whirlpool, lost completely in it: no witnessing, no effort to observe. No effort to see or witness. We just need to be the whirlpool, Just the whirling.
  3. In the beginning, we may not be able to do whirling technique for so long, but we should, not stop the whirling by our self. There is no need to stop, keep on whirling. Although it may be difficult and there might be a division within us. One part wants to lie down and another wants to continue. Then for this scenario, Osho instructions is to continue with the whirling. In case our body is too much tired and it is impossible to do whirling then our body will fall down automatically. In such a scenario, If we fall down in the middle of the hour, on our own, then there is no problem; the process is complete.

    But we should not allow the mind to play its tricks with our self. No need to deceive our self; No need to entertain the thinking that now we are tired and it is better to stop. According to Osho - Don't make it a decision on your part to fall down. If we are tired, then how can we go on? we will fall down automatically. So no need to stop ourself; let the whirling itself come to a point where we fall down.
Second Stage: 15 minutes
When the music stops then let your body fall to the ground. (it may already have happened before.) When we fall down, then we should fall down on our stomach; and it will be good if our stomach is in direct touch with the earth. Otherwise roll onto your stomach immediately so that your navel is in contact with the earth. Feel your body blending into the earth and close the eyes
According to Osho instructions - While lying down on the earth, feel as if you are lying down on the breast of your mother, as if a small child is lying down on the breast of his mother. There is no need to witness any thing. Become completely unconscious.

Some more key points for help:
  1. For the whirling meditation, our stomach should be empty. One should not eat food and then do this meditation. This may cause vomiting or nausea.
  2. Keep your physical condition in mind before attempting this technique. eg: for a heart patient, this method may be harmful.
  3. Wear Loose comfortable clothes.
  4. While whirling, our gaze should be unfocused on the outside things but focused on the inner space. Some people might feel uncomfortable or dizzy while seeing everything moving so quickly outside. So as a help, these people can look at the palm of the right hand(which is raised upwards) while whirling.
See you all on Saturday for Whirling to bliss!

In eternal bliss,

for Life Bliss Vancouver
Ma Vibhooti

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