Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We hope to see you at many of our new events in month of July!


I hope you are all enjoying the last few days before Paramahamsa Nithyananda takes off for the Kailash Yatra in the Himalayas. The last satsang with a morning message should be on Saturday this week. However the morning satsang will continue with the Paduka puja and a recorded talk by Swamiji! We are heading towards the end of Patanjali Yoga sutra and the afforisms are getting more and more enlightening, Patanjali is giving us deeper truths and the essence of enlightenment science. 

We wanted to remind you, that for the 2 weeks that Swamiji will be in the Himalayas we won't be holding the Saturday satsangs, starting next week. We will see you again on Aug. 13. Monday satsangs will continue throughout his absence in the ashram with talks, meditations, puja and Swamiji's recorded messages. We want to encourage you to attend these satsangs and continue with the sadhana (spiritual practise) in a sangha, as sadhana IS required for enlightenment and should not be compromised. 

Life Bliss Vancouver wants to make your spiritual practise interesting and fun, therefore we offer you many different events and classes. 

Please join us for the classes of Nithya Yoga, which is sculpting your body for enlightenment. Designed by Swamiji and taught for limited time only. The schedule for the next month is as follows:
Mondays - 6.30 pm at Reflexology Center
Thursdays - 6 pm at Prana Yoga College, 
Sundays - 10 am, outdoor yoga at Kits beach - (weather permitted)
The cost for yoga is $10. 

All of you are invited to Thursday Intro to meditation nights with intro talks and different meditations. There is alwasy more to learn about our mind and the science of enlightenment. This is the right place. These events are held at the Prana Yoga College, which has an amazing atmosphere. Use the sacred space of Prana Yoga college to spend time in a very nice energy field with the sanga from 7.30 - 9 pm. There is never enough of meditation. 

Finally, we wanted to officially announce the venue for the upcoming Life Bliss Program (LBP), which will be held on July 30 and 31. Spend a weekend full of transformational meditations, experience a glimpse of Inner Awakening in India with intense processes and talks. A literally eye-opening program. 

The LBP will be held at the Prana Yoga College at 293 East 2nd Ave.The summer special fee is $50, including lunch and snacks. Registration time before the program will be announced. 

We hope to see you at many of our events to keep the energy of eternal bliss, Nithyananda, constantly flowing in you. Never resist the conscious flowering, do regular sadhana to achieve and radiate Enlightenment. 

for Life Bliss Vancouver
Ma Vibhooti

Tel. (604) 628.4479
Cel. (778) 323. 3324

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